Is Database Encrypted on Outsystems Cloud environment? How to access DB directly?

I have three questions. Need correct understanding about them.

  1. Data stored in SQL database on cloud is it encrypted?
  2. Access rights to the sql database on cloud– who have access and what rights
  3. Access rights to the applications on cloud– who have access and what rights

Hi Pawan. 

1. No. At least no by default. Encription has a performance penalty. 

2. On the OutSystems infrastructure, on normal operation, only OutSystems, by default. 

3. For using the applications? You decide, creating users and controlling with roles and other ways. 

If you are evaluating the platform, this link may be of help:

Hi Pawan,

On the OutSystems Sentry edition, database encryption is always active. But on the other hand, you can only access the database indirectly, through an OutSystems application.

For the standard OutSystems Cloud (not Sentry), the database access rights for customers are described in




Just to point out that OutSystems Sentry is a service from OutSystems, but is not the Standard OutSystems Cloud service.