How to validate excel content via Upload widgets

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Can anyone guide me on how can i validate the excel upon uploading, check if the cell are empty and in correct format.

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Hi Joshua Aquino,

You have to read each column to see if is empty. So convert the excel file into record list and iterate.

Also interesting for you to see what actions the excel forge extension can provide for you to use:


Hi Joshua

Try also the following component


Hi Joshua Aquino, you have to use the built-in logic's such as "Excel To Record List". 

This method already read the Excel file and if some data is in the wrong format (imputed numbers when is text, or others), it raises an exception.

For advanced kinds of Excel, you could use an C# Extension with the library EPPlus, or use options already built in Forge, such as:

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Thanks for the reply.

You can create a function and then use built-in function, like: 

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, etc.