How to check all checkbox in list table without using component on forge?

Hi all,

I have an aggregate with source is an entity and addition attribute (boolean) HasChecked .

On view, I have a ListTable with Source Record List is that aggregate above, HasChecked attribute map with checkbox value.

I want when click on top checkbox, all below checkbox will also checked or unchecked but don't know how to implement that.

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Hello Huy. Is there any reason why you don't want to use a component? You don't need to download a component from the forge, since RichWidgets has a List_BulkSelect pattern that does that for you, and RichWidgets is a standard widget library that comes with the platform - and is supported by OutSystems.

Hi leonardo.fernandes,

Because I will change a lot in logic flow when use component on Forge.

When I drag and drop List_BulkSelect widget in header row of table, nothing is show up, it seems like this "BulkSelect" checkbox is hidden. I don't know why?

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Hi Huy Nguyen,

Yes i also face the same issue then I clone the rich widgets module and added the style class checkbox and published the clone module. 




Huy and Koushik.

That should not be necessary. The checkbox styles are also applied to any checkbox inside a table records header:

Perhaps you are using an older version of OutSystems UI. Please download and install the latest version and refresh all of your dependencies. If the problem remains, could you attach the OML file that you are working on?



Hi leonardo.fernandes, Koushik Prathi

After updating OutSystemsUI to 1.7.2 version. "List_bulkSelect" widget now appear normally.