Can OutSystem app integrate with Antivirus third party like Trend Micro, Symantec?

Hi all,

As mention above, I want to integrate third-party Antivirus(Trend Micro, Symantec) into my application but don't know where to start?

Basically, I  just need to have the API from third-party to do virus scanning for our file upload.

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Huy Nguyen,

Hi Huy,

If those third parties provide a webservice API, Outsystems will be able to consume those webservices. Your biggest issue will be to find a provider for this. Check this topic out:



First thing is find a antivirus with API's that do what you want. I think Symantec have those. Than you just need to integrate those with your Outsystems application. You have a course just for integrations and you also have some documentation.




Hi Marcelo Ferreira,

I have already contacted Symantec Support.

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