[Native Audio Plugin] Team joining request for Native Audio Plugin

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Published on 2017-03-07 by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes
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Published on 2017-03-07 by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes

Hi Miguel,

I'd like to use your Native Audio plugin in a live presentation that I will be doing next week, in which I will build a game app from scratch.

The regular JavaScript Audio methods have significant delay and that's the exact issue your plugin solves. BUT, since I will be using mostly the browser preview and OutSystems Now, your plugin will not work since it needs Cordova.

For that I found a small JavaScript lib called LowLagAudio which uses some WebKitAudioContext tricks that removes the delay.


https://lowlag.alienbill.com/ (you can test this one on your mobile device)

Instead of having me create a new plugin with this lib, I think it's best for the community to always improve existing Forge components when possible.

So I'd like to join your Native Audio Plugin team so I can upload an updated version which has a fallback mechanism that uses LowLagAudio when not running in an Android/iOS context.

That would be a backwards-compatible update and I will also be providing versions for O10 and O11 as well.

Hope to hear back from you soon.