[FileSystem] Access to the path is denied
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Published on 21 Feb 2019

I'm trying to upload a file and save it to a folder, however, the system is showing the access denied message. The folder already has all the read and write permissions.Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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Hello Raquel, 

You told the permissions are defined, but for which user? 

I think you need to set the application to run impersonating the correct user that has privileges to access that folder. 

Please take a look in the espace configuration in Service Center, under tab Operations, where you can find a Run As option. 


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Hi Raquel,

You might need to grant read/write permissions to the user running IIS/applications.


João Portela

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I use the FileSystem component.  There are domain, username, password required.  For us, this is a domain admin account.  The folders I access are shared, but I did this for other reasons; not necessarily because the component required.

The domain and username elements are in double quotes.

The folders I access are defined as site properties on the theme.

I also have password for the domain username defined as a site property.

Created function to return the password for the component.  Is this any help?  Simple once working.  I can send more.

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Defined folder site properties in IP for instead of the server name:


I know hardcoding,but I had to get it working.

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Regarding to your IIS question above - the folders we access are NOT on the Outystems IIS platform server; they are on a different server.  

If you have an admin account which runs your Outsystems platform, I you can use this account.  

I have folders used in QA, Test, and production enviroments. When I move not really an issue because they are defined as site properties.

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I can already access the folder .. just do an action that saves the file upload to the folder .Anybody know?

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Hi All,

We are having the same issue (access to the path \\\uploads is denied) on our environment wherein we have 2 app servers connected to a load balancer in the same vlan that connects to the file server to access a shared folder on another vlan. A service account was created and given read/write access to the shared folder.

The upload works when we put the file share inside one of the app servers, but it fails when we try to upload to the file server's shared folder.

I have two questions in mind:

  1. Would anyone know if the component sends its response (1) directly to the app server or (2) to the load balancer? (Please refer to attached file for a visualization)
  2. Does the component use the service account set in the site properties or the logged in user of the app?
  3. Would anyone have any other ideas as to what can be the cause?



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Hi Waye,

  1. When starting an action from a FileSystem action from a webpage or timer, it is started on one of the App Servers, this is decided by the Load Balancer.
  2. When the domain / username / password parameters are set on the FileSystems action it uses these settings (picture 1); otherwise it uses the Run as user of the module (picture 2). It is not using the logged in user of the app.
  3. Did you set the domain / username / password that with the values of the account that is granted permission on this fileshare?

Hope this will help you,


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  1. No the sequence is not correct. It is LB > App Server > File Share > App Server.(The server action is a .Net method and not a WebRequest)
  2. No you have to set them manually during development, cause the action doesn't know how you named the site properties
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Hi Guys,
I have a similar problem.
I'm trying to copy a file using File Copy but i'm receiving the following error

This error started after a Windows Server upgrade and also OutSystems Platform from 8 to 11, so it appears to be some configuration that perhaps is not well definided now.

Here is the flow:

Best Regards

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Hi all,

I have the same question, how i can access to a network folder? I'm working on personal environment, so i cannot map a drive in server.