[Refactor] P11 version
Forge component by Francisco Menezes

As is noted here, there's no P11 version of this component. And since it medles with system tables and whatnot, I can imagine people don't want to just assume it works for P11 as well as for P10. So do you think it's possible to upload a P11 version? Thanks in advance.

Does anyone have experience - be it positive or negative - with P11? I would like to hear from you... 

We tried the move roles function in P11, does work kind of, except that roles are not connected to screens correctly, so you need manual intervention here, also roles connected to human activities doens't move. User roles keep working because it moves the old role to the target espace. Also missing was the part where the espace is deployed after roles changing. Is this depreciated in V11 ? 

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