Hi guys,

I'm developing an app for doctors to keep track of their patients ' test results, etc. That being said, I currently have the gender variable as a text variable, but I'd like to have it as a dropdown which displays all the options. I've tried a variety of things, but I just can't seem to get it to work. Could any of you help me with a bit of a walkthrough? Mind you, I'm importing dependencies from another app which is named Core

Thanks in advance!

Hi SensUs LxUs,

If you are doing this on a web application:

Just create a static entity for genders and use it on the dropdown.

If you are doing this on an Mobile App:

Do the same, create a static entity for genders, but also create a local table for them. On the on ready of the application, make sure you are syncing the Genders static table and the local table. Then just fetch the table on the web screen / web block, and present that to the user as a dropdown. You probably have a few examples of this on the guided web path / mobile path. 

Also, for both cases, on the table you are saving this data, make sure you change the type of the gender from text to GenderId!

Best Regards,
Jose Torrao