[Barcode Plugin] Barcode scanner picking any random string
Forge component by OutSystems R&D

Hello ,

When I point the scanner on any random thing from y android phone , except barcode or QR code , it is generator an ID in a scanResult. It should not happen . Please let me know how can we avoid this.



Hi Arpita,

This is a known behaviour from this plugin and it's related to the framework that we currently use for Barcode Plugin. We're using the csZBar framework and this is a limitation that can't be fixed on the integration side.

Summing up, this is a limitation that we can't overcome.


Does this plugin read PDF417 barcode format type?

Hi Vitor,

This issue is also very problematic for us. On a project we depend on correct scanning of QR Codes and this component doesn't do that. The underlying issue is logged in the following github issue: https://github.com/tjwoon/csZBar/issues/109

The reason we use this particular component is because it is a OutSystems supported component. With these components I think we can expect a bit more support and effort then with a regular Forge component. If this issue can't be solved because of the underlying framework (that it isn't updated anymore for at least 4 years and can therefor be noted as abandoned) then perhaps it's time to implement some other SDK? 

Kind regards,

Vincent Koning

Hi Vincent, 

We are aware of these issues. We have in our roadmap plans to review this plugin to improve the component, but for now, I can't set a date for it. 


Last response in this forum is a year old. What is the roadmap? We have users depending and complaining about this every day and they resort to typing in the barcodes manually. Please can you share  the plan of action. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. 

For example, I can scan this carpet and its code is: 0191078060022364, today.

The underlying component is no longer maintained so I don't think that we will get a solution for this any time.


Hi all,

I just want to let you know that we are currently finishing an update for the Barcode Plugin targeted at solving the known major issues such as scanning sensitivity, missing of some encoding types, the lack of a more advanced UI, and scanning experience, etc. This version will soon be available and tagged as under development on the plugin's Forge page. I'll let you know when this is available and we hope to hear your feedback on this new version.

Thank you!

Hi Carlos, 

Great to hear that this issue is being fixed. It's still a bit problem for us. Does this update also include support for PWA?



Hi Vincent,

The next update will solve a lot of experience issues, but will not yet be the one that's PWA compatible. Nevertheless, I can assure you that we are aware of that necessity for the Barcode plugin and thus including PWA support is already on our roadmap.

Best regards,


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