Inputs in Form get ReadOnly CSS class


I've found something ridiculous (as far as for me): when an  Input widget in placed inside a Form widget it gets "ReadOnly" CSS class. What is the meaning of "ReadOnly" class when it is applied to a fully editable widget?

When an Input widget is outside Form it doesn't this class.

What's going on here?

It concerns both SilkUI and OutsystemsUIWeb.



Hi Tomasz,

input widgets on forms are disabled if the form they are on is disabled, so maybe that's causing this behaviour for your test ?

See this quick test screen.

Hope that explains it,


HI Dorine,

The issue is not that they are disabled (they are fully editable) but they get the ReadOnly class in their "class" property. Looking at your example: both Inputs on the Form (enabled and disabled) have ReadOnly class added. I hope you will admit, that the ReadOnly class set in an editable widget is something … special :-)



Ah ok,

now I see what you mean.

don't know, maybe just a confusing choice of class name.  Are you actually having problems because of this, or was it just an observation ?

No, it is not an issue, just a curiosity :-)

Before closing this topic - let's wait, maybe somebody would add something interesting :-)




Looking through the CSS inside one of the OutSystems Themes there are several selectors that resort to the ReadOnly class, but since every input in Forms has it, it affects all of them regardless - the purpose of the class is not immediately clear. Honestly never noticed it before.

I tried to search for it hoping the SilkUI documentation had a description of the class but no luck. I did find this thread of someone describing this behaviour from 2016 - no conclusions were reached.