How to save uploaded file as physical file on file server etc

When uploading and saving a file on the app screen,

I want to save as a physical file on a specified file server etc. instead of serializing and saving to DB, but I do not know how to implement.

Is it possible to implement?
Please teach a method if it can be implemented.

By the way, the version used is 11.

Outsystems Unsupported components are not available due to various circumstances.

Hi Rio,

Please go through the below component called FileSystem it will be helpful



Hi Rio,

If, for whatever circumstances, components not supported by OutSystems are not available, and you cannot (re)create the components yourself, you just can't do what you want, period. There are a lot of unsupported components that are nevertheless heavily used, so I think it's nonsense to use them, but whatever. Tell your client/boss/whoever created this stupid rule that they can't have the cake and eat it.