I am trying to use a dynamic tree view or hierarchical view from a database record but when I searched in the forge, I am able to see the tree view done by structure list only. Is there any widget for my requirement or Could anyone please help me to achieve a dynamic tree view from database list?

Hi Daniel, 

Thank you for your replay but I want customized dynamic tree view (should be able to change icon and dynamic tree based on record modification), in the hierarchical-tree module, I am not able to make the name as a link, It should be clickable. 

And Is there any other option to achieve the tree view without web block widget?


Md Aslam.


If you search the forge there are more components that could be helpful for your case.


I just mentioned the one I have experience with.

You will have to check which one fits the best for you. Some of them have a demo app so you can see how it works.

For example:https://emluis.outsystemscloud.com/zTreeExample/ shows different ways how to use the ZTree component.

You have to invest some time if there is one that fits your needs.



Hi Daniel,

Yeah, I am trying the components available in forge only that zTree, TreeWidget etc. But the tree structure list only used in all widgets, not the database list, so my question here is how to make that tree from database list? Or how to link our database data to structure? 

Not having time to dive into the details myself,  I would assume the widget contains structures with lists in list structures. You have to get the data from the database and populate those structures.