[OutSystems UI] iOS auto inputting password

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Published on 1 Jun (4 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 1 Jun (4 days ago) by OutSystems R&D


When I input username and password into default mobile Login screen by using auto inputting function of iOS, my application rejects the username and password.
But after I add a character to password and delete the character, my Login attempt succeeds.
It seems that the Password field can not notice the auto inputting by iOS.

Are there any workaround?

My environment:
  OutSystems UI Mobile 2.0.9
  Personal Environment
  iOS 12.4.1

I confirmed the trouble occurs on both mobile native and OutSystems Now.

I'm going to post my procedure to reproduce as following comments.

Best regards,
Moriya Takasi

Login screen of my mobile app.
I tapped Passwords button above soft keyboard.

My iPhone has Touch ID and the dialog requiring Touch ID appeared.

After touching Touch ID button, I selected an account for this application from my saved account list.

The saved account info were inputted into fields for Username and Password.
I noticed that the inputted characters were overlaid on field's label in the password field and Eye icon didn't appeared.

Then I tapped Login button and an error message appeared.
Of course, the username and password were correct.

After that, I added a character into the Password field, the Eye icon appeared.
And then I deleted the added character and tapped Login, the attempt succeeded.

It seems that these input fields can't notice auto inputting by iOS.
I am happy if some css or JavaScript code help the problem.

Best regards,
Moriya Takasi


My colleague found a workaround.

At the beginning of Login screen action, firing 'input' event onto Username field and Password field let variables get autofilled values.