OutSystems and Microsoft Dynamics BC connector

We are checking if there is any connector component available for OutSystems and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (not the CRM).

There are multiple products that Microsoft sells under the ‘Dynamics 365’ brand name. These products will move more and more towards a common code base and data model, but there is still work to be done on that.

So at the moment we still have focus on the specific Dynamics product that we want to implement: that is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC). For us it is imperative to know if OutSystems have any ‘connector’ for BC.

We are NOT focusing on CRM here. For CRM we know there are two connectors available. 



The requirement is for Microsoft Dynamics BC.

Hi Swatantra,

There is no connector for BC but, according to their documentation:
"Dynamics 365 Business Central exposes many “ready-to-use” APIs for Connect apps to make a seamless integration between your service offering and Dynamics 365 Business Central."

They also have a video available with more details on how to use their API.

An integration via REST should cover your requirements, or is there anything I'm missing?

Hi Tiago,

I am aware of their APIs and are our last resort. Primarily I'm willing to know if there is any connector available or if any of the community members might have integrated it already.

Looking at the market of MS Dynamics, it is a great opportunity for us and OutSystems itself. Surprisingly, OutSystems has not had any interface with the ERP systems (AX, FO, NAV, BC).



Hi Tiago,

The documentation link you reffered mentions to build the connect app and publish it on Microsoft AppSource. How the connector we'll build on OutSystems can be deployed to other market place? Am I reading it wrong?

Next thing, is Outsystems compatible with the latest security/access mechanisms of BC (as prerequisites)?