Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

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Published on 09 October 2007 by 
Created on 09 October 2007
OutSystems MSCRMDynamics Connector is an extension that contains a set of features to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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This extension is a sample and does not integrate with all CRM Dynamics classes. Should be used as a start point for specific developments.

Integration is performed through a set of standard Web Services provided by Microsoft CRM Dynamics product.

A sample eSpace named CRMProxy is available in the zip file demonstrating some usage scenarios.

Feature List

Integration with Sales Module: Leads and Opportunities

Integration with Customer Service Module: Account and Contact

Integration with SystemUser class

System Requirements and Limitations

Integration Studio version: 4.0.*

Service Studio version: 4.0.*

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 ®

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