LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed for the application

Hi peoples, I update my MacOS for Catalina and the open Service Studio I have this problem:

How I solve this?

Appreciate your kind assistant

Got the same issue over here. Any update on this topic is appreciated.

The only way to solve it, rollback to Mojave.

Hussain AlAlqami wrote:

The only way to solve it, rollback to Mojave.

Hmmmm i'm not sure about that one.... Our platform version has been upgraded to support React apps. Prior to our server upgrade everything worked fine on Mac OS Catalina.

Same issue here on macOS Catalina:


Thank you for the feedback.

I've announced "Service Studio Mac not running on Catalina" post to the community, please take this in consideration.



Same error with me in Catalina.
Please provide solution.

#metoo ;-)
Same error here. 

MacOS Catalina, I just did a first ever clean install and get this error.

Hi, got the same error. Also upgraded to Catalina OS.


First post here - so apologies but has this issues been fixed?

i just joined today and cannot get past this.
Would it help if i try to download the PC version through parallels. Does anyone know if this will work?

Hello Darren.

I can't see your image, but yes, Parallels is the official way of running on Mac.

But a new Catalina compatible version is coming.

same problem here, MacOS version 10.15.5. Evaluating low-level coding solutions, first impression with outsystem: impossible to use in MacOS.

Hello Wanderlei.

Like I said just above: the Mac version is in beta testing and you can request to join.

Don't expect OutSystems to launch a work in progress product to the world. They do limited releases to be sure of the quality and listen to requirements before even announcing the final product.

Also, you can use in Parallels. If you have two ways, it is not at all impossible.