[Firebase Mobile Sample] Custom sound as shown in the sample doesn't work
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Forge component by David Sousa

Hi David,

I need to customize the sound for the notifications i send via the FCM. I can see from the sample you added that you used customized sound file "push_sound.zip" in the resources

Deploy Action: Deploy to Target Directory //Target Directory: left BLANK

While you added KEY=VALUE pair to the notification as (sound= push_sound) in the Middleware module. 

I tried it but it didn't work. Any idea what's wrong with it ?

i have the same issue. what i did:

1) I added custom sound in the .caf format --> ziped it and added zip file to the "Resources" in the mobile app

2) In the web app where i am using SendNotificationToUser  server action, i added with key "sound" , value "push_sound" in the ExtractDataList variable in the input of SendNotificationToUser  as shown below. but it is not giving any sound. 

any ideas ?



We have exactly the same issue. Has anyone gone through the same issue and managed to resolve it?


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