[Hierarchical Tree] Multiple sibling collapses!

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Published on 2019-02-13 by Ângelo Sousa
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Published on 2019-02-13 by Ângelo Sousa

Tree collapses another sibling branch when we have part of the name.  For example with below tree whenever I collapse child1,newchild1 also collapses





Hi Antony,

The problem is with two branch having some part of same name. Below is what need to be done.

1. In your DB, Change the sort from Parent|child1 to |parent|child1|

2. In the HierarchicalTreeCore module, go to Tree_ShowLess action and change the Child record? condition to

Index(TreeList.Current.Sort,"|"+ListFilter.FilteredList.Current.Name+"|",0,False,False) <> -1 



That worked!! Thanks Gopi

Hello guys

Thank you Antony for catching that bug and thank you Gopi for the solution for it. 

I'll try to upload a new version of the component during the weekend to fix this issue

Best regards