I am experiencing a difficulty. I need to expose a SOAP and the value of SOAPAction should only come from the action, for example "integrateOrder" and not all the way (URL and Module), as in the example below:

This is an example of what the SOAPAction default should look like (only the action value, no URL and no slashes):

I have already checked in open call in support that was not possible. However, the consumer of this service serves hundreds of companies with the same web service and does not support change because all other services exposed by multiple companies are in a standard format.

Is there any way around this situation? A component in OutSystems or some code in C # or even a configuration in IIS?


Edson Marques

I believe those URLs will be correct for each environment it is installed in.



Unfortunately you cannot expose web service endpoints from C# extensions, because an extension only exists when it is being called. It can't just sit there and run, listening for external calls. And even if it could, it doesn't have a way to communicate back to the module. Here is some more information from when I had this problem.

I never found a way to make SOAP integrations more configurable. 

Maybe there would be a way to do this with the [SEO URLs] > [Site Rules] Section, giving a custom URL to a Root application, so that your application is located at the server name level. Here is more information on that (sorry can't find docs past OS 9, but think it still works the same way.)