When I create an application I can only see 'Traditional Web Application'. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi John,

Did you upgrade your environment to the latest release?

You are using a personal environment? if yes check this post for the sets to upgrade it.



Hi John,

You can upgrade your environment by going to your lifetime account.

Under the environment tab, you may click on Check for new platform release.


Hi John,

You should probably have an earlier version of the environment. 

Check your LifeTime and try upgrading your environment and your Service Studio.


Here are the instructions to get up and running to to use the fantastic new reactive web applications.

You have to update some forge components related to OutSystems UI too, maybe that is not done yet done in the environment that you get the error ?

Read the FAQ section of https://outsystemsui.outsystems.com/OutSystemsUIWebsite/WhatsNew

For detailed instructions to get up and runningm