Tutorial to Create/Integrate React.Js plugins in Outsystems Reactive

With the new Outsystems version of reactive web, we have a new big world to discover, from components already existing in Forge, the ones that are old and can't be used in the reactive web, and the ones that where created for the reactive web.

But with this new approach, that is from integration React.js in Outsystems web applications, we should have some better integration tutorials, because what we have now in the tutorials pages, it's only for native javascript and jQuery, witch is not the best practice for react.js (at least jQuery).

And why is the tutorials or some other type of helps from Outsystems team would be great?

To start, there are thousands of react.js plugins made by there community and if anyone would make a port to Outsystems, some guidance would be the best to have some coherent code between the components in forge or at least a best integration of external and existing plugins in the community.

Nice point of view Miguel.

Is there any updates about ur idea

Unfortunately there is no update, As Daniel mentioned in his idea, If there is an update OutSystems will share it,

Good point! 

Daniel's idea voted!

Good Idea ..Voted :)






+1 to the idea.

Is there any update on this topic?

Thanks in advance!

Any Updates on this topic? 

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