ReactJS as a component


is it possible to write OutSytsems components with use of ReactJS? 

For example there is a treeView created in ReactJS. Is it possible to use it in OutSystems?


Hi Radoslaw,

It's not possible to write OutSystems components with use of ReactJS.

There is however an idea created in order to receive instructions on how to integrate existing reactjs components in OutSystems. 

I'd suggest you vote on it :).

Here's another discussion on this subject.



Hi Radoslaw,

You can try to do that by including your own version of react and reactdom (so your component does not break when the platform is upgraded).

Tiago Simões

Any news? @Tiago Simões, can you explain more in detail what you are proposing? What's the content of the react and react-dom Scripts?

Hi Victor,

React and ReactDom scripts are the version of react that your components needs. 

In reactdom you need to set react as a required script. On your block you need to require reactdom. Then, on the OnReady of your block you need to insert the react component you want inside the dom (using a named container will allow you to put it inside it). Only ES5 is supported (because of old versions of android), so you might need to convert your JS to it.

If you are trying to integrate with a specific react component you need to include it's script also and make reactdom it's a required script for it too.

Tiago Simões

PS: I would always check if what you need isn't already available on OutSystems UI or on the Forge.

Hi Tiago, 

Thanks a lot, I'm not really on ReactJS and a newbie on OutSystems, any help is really appreciated. 

What I need is a component to insert handwritten signatures, the components I find on the forge are outdated and using jQuery which is not recommended as this thread states:

I was thinking about wrapping this React component into OutSystems:

I don't know if I'm on the right path.

Thanks again!

Hi Victor,

If the components on the forge work you do not need to worry and you can use them. The problem is more when using jQuery to dynamically change other parts of the page, but that will probably not happen with those components.

In any case if you still want to try to create a react component you can check the oml in attachment for how to start.

Tiago Simões


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