Where using the PhoneMask from:


This is based on Jquery and not working in Reactive.

Should we add the jquery libary to get this working?

Or should we not use this libary at all in Reactive?

Hello, freek,

Jquery is not shipped on Mobile and Reactive applications, but you can include it as an external library.
In any case, you probably want to read this: 


So, Libraries as JQuery are not recommended...

You probably would be better using a Forge ready component for that, or a React.js replacement, if available.



Hi Eduardo!

Thanks for your help again.

I found out that the new version of the mask is not using JQuery.

So I created a libary component and publisht it to the forge.

This is my first forge publish so its really cool!!

Hope others like it the same as I do!


That is nice, freek! :)