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Forge component by Bruno Martinho


I'm try implement a ChatBot but have some difficult to understand how component work with Azure for send suggested actions to Bot.

The Azure's documentation talk about a   ("inputHint": "expectingInput",) property of json but i don't find on response message structure.
See: https://docs.microsoft.com/pt-br/azure/bot-service/rest-api/bot-framework-rest-connector-add-suggested-actions?view=azure-bot-service-4.0

Do you have any exemplo that help implement this? 

Thank you


Hello Jeferson,

Currently you can implement action in the bot if you use the CardAction to implement the list of actions that you want the bot to show.

Use Title for the button label and the Value for the value sent back when the user selects the option:

This results in:

Please let me know if this helped.




Thank you for your response. For me work fine. 

Another question. Have you used adaptive cards?


If yes, do you have some exemplo?



Regarging the adaptive cards, we aren't currently supporting it, but we are always adding and changing priorities in our backlog.

Do you have an use case that you are working on and you need this?



Hello Bruno! 

Where did you implement this card? 

Did you implement in "GetMessageResponse"? 

When I return a list of this action, the result is not the same:

"SuggestedActions" from "InitChatbotOnAfterFetch" (Chatbot espace):

"SuggestedActions" from "GetMessageResponse" (Webhook espace):

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