[Factory Configuration] Invalid username or password

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Published on 11 Sep by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 11 Sep by OutSystems R&D


everytime when trying to sign in in Factory Configuration I get an error 'Invalid username or password'.
I am sure that the 'Consumed SOAP Web Services' is correctly configured, and the credentials are correct.

The error log shows the failed logon attempt:

"Login denied for 'robp****'. Invalid password (# of user failures: 2; # of IP address failures: 2)"

What can be wrong here?



Only thing I can think off is; you might be trying to sign in using application login. Are you signing with service center account or application user account? Factory configuration needs service center account.



when changing the URL back to the default URL it works.


Think that when you have a Shared environment, ( Personal/Partner and others) you need to change the URL. 

Ohterwise you need to leave the URL to the default? is that correct ? 

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From what I understand, changing this URL is required when you have multiple front end server on that environment (i.e. when installation is done as farm) for all other cases localhost or domain name should work.


I'm having the same invalid username or password issue.  I've tried changing the URL, leaving it as localhost, but neither approach is working.  On-premises environments.  Dev and QA have single front end servers, but my production environment has several front ends, so I assume I'll need to set the URL for my production environment.

And yes, I'm trying to use a service center admin account, not an application account.

Any ideas?


Hi just want to raise one big issue related with this.

Mick and Rob were having "invalid username or password" because they're probably using on password with more than 20 chars. Because I had the same issue and after debugging the login call I saw that my password was being cut to 20 chars...

I think this limitation needs to be fixed or stated somewhere.