OutSystems User Groups 2019 | A Year in Review

OutSystems User Groups - You’re just getting started!

Thanks to you, 2019 was the year of community events! You showed us by starting your own Meetups and local events (without much support from us!) that getting together in-person was important and beneficial to the community. So in 2019 we took your lead and stepped up our game to show our commitment to the OutSystems developer community by providing focused support of in-person events.

In June of 2019, we formally launched the OutSystems User Groups, the official in-person local events that are technical focused for the developer community. We now help to support those initial pioneers and other community champions who’ve made this a global movement.

What does a year of OutSystems User Groups look like?

We went from 15 developer Meetups, being organized independently with various levels of support, to 39 OutSystems User Groups, in the space of 8 months. Almost 2000 developers have attended 51 community gatherings to meet, share and learn with each other.

Spread around 17 countries, there are 48 incredible local champions that represent on a daily basis the OutSystems community in their cities and advocate for this technology.

2020 will be even bigger

We're counting on you to continue championing these events around the world and spreading the low code word. The goal is to keep on nurturing and growing the developer community, through more content, resources, workshops.

We expect this global community to reach 60 OutSystems User Groups and to host 200 community events! 

You can check the current OutSystems User Groups here, so ensure you register for your group to receive a notification when we add new events - which will happen very soon :)

If you want to join this growing team and create an impact on your local community, you can apply to organize your OutSystems User Group.

Let’s make 2020 the year of the OutSystems User Groups!

And thanks to you!

Very well guys. :)

Great initiative with great results!

Nice initiative =)

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OutSystems user groups are really a good initiative.

A great initiative by OutSystems.


Great initiative!

Awesome!!! \o/

Awesome !!!

Looking forward for more 

The OutSystems User Groups are great events where you can meet fellow OutSystems community members and where interesting topics are being shared and discussed. 

Keep 'em coming OutSystems!

Great!. I must try

Great...... 2019 milestone completed and new big milestone for 2020.....