Top menu: not working well and I would like "to start over"

Hi, I created a topmenu with the ability to access some screens. Now, for some reasons (including me as a beginner), I messed up this menu.

See attached the problem, I have to "empty" top-menu items and some links are not working properly as well. 

So I wanted to start over: empty the whole topmenu and add some new screens to the menu. But I can't find a place where I can simply remove the existing items (including the empty ones). This is what I would expect: Some entity or whatever screenmenu-records holding item where I can simply add, change or remove the records so the topmenu will be configured. 

Can someone help me out? How to empty my current topmenu so I can start all over again? Or do I have to do it otherwise?



Hi Coen,

Can you please give  look on this post? have a guide to explain with menu.

Hope it helps.



Hi Lois, thanks for the link, I managed to remove all items via the widget tree. After that, I dragged the applicable screens in the menu, and everything works fine now!

One last question (as I did not find the anser to the forum as well): Is it possible to change the name of the menu-items? The names are now 'Subject Screen' Like Object Lists Screen, Can I change this to Objects?

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