Using android device setting Date Format dd-MM-yyyy in Input_Calender

Hi All,

i am using Date Format dd-MM-yyyy in Input_Calender. but when I am using an android device .It takes the device setting date format as MM-DD-YYYY . I want date format as dd-MM-yyyy.

  1. Arrange a mobile device which has date format set as MM-DD-YYYY using device settings
  2. Open Date picker modal, select Custom Date Range
  3. Start and End date fields appearing with place holders "DD-MM-YYYY" in-side them
  4. when opens in device Select a date picker it appears with MM-DD-YYYY format(by default date format)

How to reslove this issue. Can anyone help me?

Thanks and Regards,

Yasmeen Shaikh

Palak Patel wrote:

Dear Yasmeen,

Please have a look into following threads. They might be helpful.


Hi Palak,

I have already tried all these. Data type is also Date.
any solution in Jquery or javascript ?

I did the unit testing by changing system device setting as YYYY-MM-DD but it takes the same in input_calender widget as date 2020-01-20. I need the format date as dd-MM-yyyy as per requirement.

Anyone please help on this