I am facing a weird issue in OutSystems mobile, in my case, when a user is at Home Screen and navigates to some other screen and then comes back to Home screen by using the menu icon or device back button (in android) we can observe a flickering. This behavior only happens for Home screen not for other screen. 

Yes, this seems to be a bug, nothing with your own application. I built a brand new one from scratch with absolutely nothing but a couple navigation buttons and it does it too. 

I noticed it re-runs OnApplicationReady, which it shouldn't, in theory it should run only once.

Here's another discussion of people with the same problem: 


There's a workaround posted there, but it's still a workaround, i think it needs to be addressed by OutSystems


Hi Pankaj,

I think this issue is because you are using menu item back for back navigation and its default behavior is to open side bar. So instead of using menu back item, use customized back button here, it will fix the problem. Tested.