Multiple CheckBoxes with a list

I have created a list and have associated it with an aggregate. i want to use checkboxes for each of the record and want to have that multiple values(for eg selected accounts) stored into another table.


Hi Shubham,

please, check this post.

Look to this forge component too.


Nuno Verdasca

Hi Shubham,

Can you us a bit more information? 

- What type of application are you creating? Web Traditional, Mobile or Reactive?

- How do you want to show the data? In a table or in a dropdown list or something else

I don't suspect that you need to know how to store the data, just on how to create a list with checkboxes. For the dropdown list there are several components available. See the following list:

For showing a checkbox in a table you need to make sure to add a boolean property to your aggregate as a source. In this boolean you can then store the "IsSelected" value when a checkbox is toggled. A quick filter on the list where IsSelected = True will then return all records that have been selected in your table. 

Does this help you get further?

Hi Shubam,

This can be achieved if we add an Boolean attribute in the database, so while using a list widget it will automatically create a checkbox for the Boolean variable for each record,  set on change for the check boxes and in the on change update the Boolean variable, then we can add the selected records in the another table.

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I wouldn't add the boolean to the entitiy list. This is just adding unneeded properties and has no value. You can easily add a Structure containing an boolean to an aggregate and use that to select items in the list. 

The structure:

The aggregate

The filter (on the OnChange action of the checkbox)

I also added a demo to show how it all works together