Moving Application with data from Test region to QA region ?

Hello Team,

How to take the backup of application along with data and moved from Test region to QA region ?

Both Test and QA regions are with in same platform, Is there any process or documentation in outsystems.

Please guide us.




1. You can check here:

2. You can also do it manually. There are some external tools that can be used (you can look into Forge, but they are paid). E.g.

3. You can also download your data and create a script to upload it (but you will need to do the match between table and attributes names, probably), but you will need direct access to the database (I would prefer the Clone method, listed on item 1).

4. Or you can create an OutSystems application that downloads the data (excel, CSV etc), and upload it in the new environment.

Hope this helps.