[Discovery] Discovery 5.0.7 (O11) does not include SSUsers but it does not get deleted

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Published on 12 May (13 days ago) by Sérgio Oliveira
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Published on 12 May (13 days ago) by Sérgio Oliveira

Hi all!

Just updated to Discovery 5.0.7 (O11) from 4.0.4.

This version 5.0.7 now DOES NOT include the module "SSUsers" but when updating the component this module does not get automatically deleted.

This a known issue when updating forge components to new versions where previous modules are not included anymore.

So, I believe the current solution is to manually delete the module that is not included anymore in the new version.


Hi Tiago,

Yes that behaviour is the one expected. When installing components from forge, OutSystems never deletes any module or extension that you might have, it only updates them with the new version that you're installing. So if you want to remove it from the enviroment you need to do it manually.

In that case you can delete it through service center. Just go through the Factory -> modules option. Search for the SSUsers module and select it, and then press the delete module.

If you want to be sure that no ones is referencing the SSUsers before deleting it, you can check the consumers on the Dependencies tab of the module.

Hope it helps