[IdP] use IdP with multiple identity providers?
Forge component by Rui Barbosa


we are using IdP now to authenticatie our internal users against the Azure AD.

For our external users we want to use another identity provider for example Auth0.

Is this possible somehow?

During my testing for this component, I believe this can be done but you will have to install or configure a separate one for each instance. In your case, two instances, one for Azure AD and another for Auth0.


Using distinct OS user providers yes, as mentioned you'll need to clone the component.

Using the same user provider but using Azure for one tenant and Auth0 for another tenant, it's supported out-of-the-box by IdP component. You'll need to active Multitenancy idp option that can be found in IdP Site properties and then configure the IdP server for each tenant.


We are using this component as well. This works fine. We had a requirement of four of our applications to authenticate against OKTA. Though our IDP is same yet, redirection urls and original urls are different for each app. Also each app has different sign-on policy in Okta. Hence we cloned this IDP and made 4 instances for each of our app and it worked well for us. We are able to configure different URLS for origin, redirect & login default.Just upload the metadata.xml for each app from OKTA. SSO url pops up automatically. You just need to do few more configurations as per your application's requirement. After cloning, just be careful to change the name of IDP inside the IDP eSpace whereever it is referred and publish it, else it will keep pointing to /IDP/ url only & you might face issues because your cloned IDP name is different now.

I found this Forge component. So no need for IdP handling Auth0 also....

Thanks for the replies anyway !

Anybody can give me a hand?

If i have multiple URLs using same SSO, how can i configure in IDP forge.

For example, 



both of them are authenicated with same SSO.

How should i configure the IDP forge?

Can this be resolved without cloning using the latest version?

Correct Tetsuo, you can now configure multiple user providers simultaneously.

They can be used either on the same tenant or on different tenants.

I'm still working on updating the documentation on this new version explaining the changes.

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