alert mechanism in outsystems if application is down

what would be the alert mechanism in case application or platform is down/unavailable.

You would receive an email alerting you to this, and here you can see if your personal area is active or below. If you are down, you can wake up from your personal area, but when you have finished this process, you will normally lose everything you had until then.

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In above reply, Nuno is right when environment has been slept. You need to wake it up. Except this if application is down due to any other reason you may see error message like "request failed with error" or " unable to connect to server" .


I have developed one application and if any reason application is down then how I know that? how we can integrate in our email that we can receive email if application is down.

Here is not the application that is below, but your personal area in the outsystems cloud. When you are out of your personal area for some time, or without making any development, the outsystems itself deactivates your account, and eliminates what you have there for space reasons. Once the applications are eliminated, when you wake up your personal area, you will usually lose what you had there, and you will hardly recover, unless you contact outsystems support, and even then it will be very complicated.

The email they send is for the email that you have registered your outsystems account, when you are reaching that limit when they want to deactivate the account, an email is sent to you, to go there to wake up your area, if do not do so within a few days, the account is then deactivated.

There are two things to consider.


If OutSystems platform is down, OutSystems can't tell you if OutSystems is down. You need external monitoring tools. They can test for a web service or page and tell you when they can't find it.
If you have OS installed on a cloud (like Personal Environment or a cloud license in there are some alerts like was said above.


If an application is down it is because something application-specific failed (DB out of space, timeout, etc.). In that case you can test it inside OutSystems and use existing monitoring and logs, but be aware that your monitoring tool can also be affected and in that case, there will be no warning coming out until the error is fixed.

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You can build your own alert mechanism.

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