How can I pull a list of all public urls from a module

I have a system with many modules interacting with each other.  there are two main modules that I need to get information from one and provide it to the other.

Module A is customer-facing. it provides a shopping cart with dynamically generated content.  Some of these dynamically generated pages need to be associated with a specific attribute.

Module B is an Administration Module.  In this module is a page that needs to be able to associate this attribute with a page.

The association of the attribute is not the problem I'm facing, the problem I am facing is that I need to generate a list of publically facing URLs from the Customer-facing module.

Apart from having to write a script that scrapes the database for products and generating a list on the fly, I am asking the community if there a table in OutSystems that contains the URL to each web screen? if there is, I should be able to filter out screens by a particular screen attribute - the Role scope in particular, mainly for 'x' named role types.

To be honest at any other time I would be elbow deep in google links but its 10:45 and I still have other areas to scope so please any help is certainly appreciated.