[OutSystems UI] Range Slider not setting the initial value

Forge Component
Published on 21 May (5 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 21 May (5 days ago) by OutSystems R&D

For some reason, when I set a fetched entity attribute as the InitialValue of the Range Slider, the value is not set after the screen is rendered.

For this screen, I got an Aggregate (aGetRuleByID) that fetches at start. The initial value of the slider was supposed to be based on that aggregate. 

I tried using JavaScrip to manipulate the DOM and got the screen to render with the desired initial value, based on the passed attribute, but ended up with a broken slider. 

Any ideas?


Hi Luiz,

The issue is that the slider is rendering before the aggregate has its value.  What you could do is wrap the slider in an If block, with a condition of aGetRuleByID.IsDataFetched.  That way the slider won't render until your data is in your aggregate and the initial value will be set.