I am seeing the following link explain about the Internal Users vs External Users:

While I technically understand the difference between them, I am looking for the logical difference or purpose of differentiating them. Could you please help me understand this?

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Hi Akshay,

This applies to the new license model that OutSystems uses for new licenses purchased after January 2020.

Suppose you make a B2C application with thousands or hundreds of thousands of users that are not employees of the company that provides the application. This would become a very expensive license which would be to extended as the user base of the app grows. 

The pricing on the license is differentiated for total named internal users and external users.

See: FAQ: How does OutSystems define an end user?


OutSystems identifies two different types of end users:

1) Internal users - individuals employed by your organization that are registered end users of the applications you build
2) External users - individuals not employed by your organization that are registered end users of the applications you build.

Users are sold in packs of 100 for internal users, and 10,000 for external users. OutSystems pricing is ideal for consumer applications with very high numbers of external users, with a cost per external user that is 1/100th the cost an internal user.

All platform editions include 100 internal users in the base price.

We do not charge for anonymous users or developers.





Thank you Daniël Kuhlmann for responding. But with the configurations, I can skip domain of the company in the End User Configuration and still make them external. Would that be a violation?

Hi Akshay,

Yes I would think so. If if you do as if your internal users are external users.

It is a similar violation if you bypass OutSystems Users espace.

The number of named users has always been part of the license.

I do not know how OutSystems will validate this, that would be interesting to know.



Thank you Daniël Kuhlmann. I am reaching out to OutSystems Support team for this. OutSystems knew the purpose of my customer buying the license was always about the internal users using the applications in big numbers. 

Akshay, thanks for que question. I 'am also interested in Outsystems support answer to this. Please give feedback in this forum.


Hi, just read this.

@Akshay do you have the answer from support about this ?


Hi Toto,

This has more to do with your licensing so it is best to get answer from OutSystems about your usecase.

In general, consider this as the additional pack of users you are getting for doing testing/administration/support function on Production environment. You can configure your internal and external users through service center.