Need 2 Factor Authentication while connecting to the code through Service Studio

Hello Team,

It's a requirement that we should be able to do the 2 Factor Authentication before developer tries to access the code through Service Studio. Possibly developer should receive a OTP on email which will be entered after developer enters his credentials.

I'm aware that currently OS doesn't provide this feature but are there other possible solutions?

How can we authenticate developer by 2FA?

Please advice.

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Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

Like you said currently OS doesn't provide this feature, however check this plugin. If this doesn't work... I guess you'll not have any solution for this requirement. I created this idea just vote it and wait for it... Maybe other way to do this is to create a VPN and every developer that needs to connect to the service studio, needs to have connection to the VPN?

Hope it helps

Hello Suraj,

I am not suppose to that Outsystems provides any feature like this to authenticate developer to access service studio.

I am also curious to know that if any option available to do this. 


I had implemented TwoFactor by using TwilioConnector & it works like a charm with Outsystems.

You need to create action & call from mobile, which will call further Twilioconnector actions..

So TwilioConnector will be a middleware for when u request OTP i.e your server actin will generate the Number & send with TwilioAction i.e SendMessage and return the same to you mobile. So that u can validate it.
I also used a JS for OTP expire & then we bring the Resend OTP functionality in the picture.

Hope it helps,