Using Outsystems for Enterprise SAAS

I'm considering using Outsystems to produce a MVP for an enterprise SAAS product.  I spoke with sales a year back and they left me thinking that one enterprise instance could be purchased, with each customer consuming users and AOs from a pool.  In reading more information from forum posts, I'm wondering if in reality each enterprise customer of mine would cost me an additional license?

Also, I'm concerned about the lack of examples of companies reselling applications made in Outsystems at a large scale.  If the licensing model isn't killing this, perhaps there's another barrier I'm not seeing?

Hi Ty,

The license model changed a bit since than. AOs don't exist anymore you pay for users. Check it here.

At the end of this article you have some examples of SAAS products built in Outsystems. You also have Wodify. And I already worked in a couple of projects to build SAAS products in the recruitment and finance area.