Input Extended Properties need a List

I feel the need to have a full list that states every possible extended property for each widget that allows them. 

I found this need in a particular case with the input widget which was annoying at testing thanks to the "autocomplete" feature implemented in browsers. For this example I already found out that I could just define Property:autocomplete & Value:"off" , and this disables autocomplete.

For future use, I believe that having a full list of every possible property for each widget would be a nice addition to the documentation of Oustystems. I appreciate anyone who can show me if there is already some list I missed out or if someone is willing to do such research.

ps: I noticed some old post trying to figure it out but they are not enough, as example:


Hi Gama,

In this link you can find a list of properties that can be used.




Hi Gama,

This feature isn't a Outsytems especific feature. The list of extended properties is a list of possible HTML attributes, and you can find the list of all HTML possible attributes here :



Thanks for the answers, this list will work.

Still think it would be a nice addition to Outsystems Documentation to explicit this listing of HTML attributes.