[Microsoft Login Connector Reactive] How to implement this component in Service Studio?

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Published on 1 Jul by Miguel Amado
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Published on 1 Jul by Miguel Amado

Could anyone helpfully advise how to implement this component in Service Studio? The documentation on the Forge only seems to deal with the Azure side of things. I've registered the URL and have a Client ID and Client Secret, now what...

I've successfully implemented the MS login Connector for my traditional web apps but constituent parts of the Reactive version are slightly different. 

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Hi Richard.

For this component to work you need 2 more applications (one should already be installed as it's directly depended on this).

1. Microsoft Login Connector Core

2. Microsoft Login Connector Management

You need the Management application to configure your Azure AD applications and "attach" these to Espaces and Resources. I will post a better documentation soon but in short you need to do the following;

Configure an Azure AD application

Go to the microsoftloginconnectormanagement Espace (make sure to add yourself to the correct role first!). On the homepage you can add new applications and new resources. You only need the latter when you want to retrieve data from an external api that is also oAuth2 protected.

When creating a new application you need to input the name, the clientId and the ClientSecret. When you press Save 2 new tabs appear in the sidebar where you can configure the Espaces that need to use this new Azure AD application and the, optional, needed resources. 

Configure a Reactive application

To authenticate with Azure AD you need to use the following actions from the Microsoft Login Connection Reactive application: GetOAuth2AuthenticationURL. 

You will also need a reference to the OAuthProvider static entity from the Microsoft Login Connector Core application;

In your application open the Login action under Login Screen in the Common section. Add the GetOAuth2AuthenticationURL to the flow and use an ExternalURL destination to open the URL like the following example;

The only inputs needed for the GetOAuth2AuthenticationURL action are as such;

This should be all that is needed to logon. Please check the Demo application that is available in the Microsoft Login Connector Reactive component for more details including a logoff flow.

I hope this helps.

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can anybody instruct me how to make ms login connector reactive workable?  

1. In the MicrosoftLoginConnectorManagement, I have added the new application (DONE)

     under detail tab, client ID and secret code are inputted. 

     under espaces tab, select the MicrosoftLoginConnectorReactiveDemo module 

     under resources tab, select Microsoft graph API 

2 in the MicrosoftLoginConnectorReactiveDemo's login action, getOAuth2AuthenticationURK has been added (DONE)

However, once I log in my ms account, it prompts below error.

Any steps I have missed?

Hi Jessica,

You are missing some configuration in Azure AD itself. In here you need to add a Redirect URI to the application you have created. 

To do this dot the following (in Azure);

  1. Open the "App Registrations" service (it's also part of Azure Active Directory service)
  2. Open you application
  3. Open the tab "Authentication"
  4. Add a Redirect URI. It should look something like this: https://<yourcompaniesenvironment>.outsystemsenterprise.com/MicrosoftLoginConnectorReactive/CallbackPage
  5. If you have more then one environment be sure to add one Redirect URI for each environment

Hope this helps,


Thank Vincent. 

It works now.

Hi Jessica,

Good to hear it's working now. Please mark my answer as the solution so that others can find the answer quicker.

Kind regards,


Hi Vincent, 

Sry. it doesn't have a button for me mark it as solution.

Hi Jessica & Vincent,

Only the original poster and OutSystems Forum moderators can mark an answer as a solution. I will do it.