[Discovery] Can weak dependencies cause violations?

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Published on 10 Aug (16 hours ago) by Sérgio Oliveira
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Published on 10 Aug (16 hours ago) by Sérgio Oliveira

According to the outsystems documentation Screens, Service Actions and Structures are weak dependencies


We are on version 5.0.7 of Discovery so I wouldn’t expect weak dependencies (such as screens and service actions) to be considered as violations. 

As mentioned in the release notes of version 5.0.6,  .. “Reviewed the cyclic references: now screens don’t raise this issue but entities and structures continue to raise.” …

Screens indeed don’t show violations, but Service Actions and Structures still do.

(In the module My_Lib I made a reference to a screen from the module My_Test and in the module My_Test I made a reference to a service action and a structure from the module My_CS) bu as shown in the below screenshot, I still see them as a violation.  Is there any explanation for this?

What is also confusing that when I look on the ‘Module canvas’ there is no violation for the dependency related to screens, but when I go to Modules > eSpace cycles than I get warnings about cyclic dependencies.


I am tempted to say yes, because even if they are weak, you should not have references upwards.

It will impact deployments anyways.