[DBCleaner] Service Center Account Denied Access

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Published on 2019-03-11 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2019-03-11 by Johan den Ouden


We are able to login to the application but when select the Database Entities menu I am getting internal error. The internal error says "Current user does not hold the necessary credentials for invoking this action." Please suggest what role or account is needed to make this work.



Hi junaid,

Please try with super user. Might be you don't have the role.Try with 





Hi junaid,

This might be your user roles in service center by default there this roles:

Now it depends on what roles your environment as. Go to Administration -> Roles



Hi Junaid,

As DBCleaner has ServiceCenter set as its User Provider, you need to go to LifeTime user management and grant administrator role to the IT user who tries to access the Database Entities menu.



Hi Junaid Ahmed Syed,

Good Day!

This is because of your credentials doesn't have required role access to that one.

Follow these steps,

  • Take dependency of Role and User_Role entities from system.

  • Create one button action on your screen.
  • In that action fetch all roles.
  • Foreach Loop them all.
  • Inside that loop drag CreateUser_Role entity action like below.

  • Fill the current user ID and the role ID from the loop.
  • Before creation, check If User_Role entity has a record already for the current user ID and the role ID.
  • If Exists then Skip the creation and continue the loop.
  • If not exists then create New record for the role ID and the User ID.
  • That's it. Now all the roles will be assigned to that particular UserID.

Hope it helps!! 

Thanks and Regards,

Aravind M, Outsystems Developer.


Hey Guys, thanks for your responses and I am sorry for responding late. I did go through the DB Cleaner API documentation the same day and realized administrator role is required. I got that role assigned and it worked for me.