Unable to access Personal Environment


Something strange happened today while I was developing using my personal environment.

Suddenly I was unable to access Personal Environment.

In Service Studio, I get this message while trying to connect to the environment:

  • Note: I haven't changed the password.

Checking OutSystems website ( https://www.outsystems.com/home/) it seems alright with the green light as shown below:

But when I click <MANAGE APPS> button I get the following screen:

  • Lifetime and Service Center are not available.

Interestingly, when I try to access a Reactive Web application I get the following error message:

The transaction log for database NV2DWH004 is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'

Anyone with a similar issue? What would you recommend in this situation?

BTW, is there any way to reset the environment?

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Hi Joao,

You should contact OutSystems support for this. They probably need to clean up some stuff.



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As an addition to Nordin:

This is most likely your personal environment having used more than the 2 GB of allocated space.

If you've been publishing your apps alot, the environment saves old versions and Espaces, resulting in this error.

If that is the case, (it likely is,) then only support can manually clear your old versions.

For future reference, you can use the Forge component "DBCleaner on Steroids", or manually delete old versions in Lifetime. 

Alternatively you can publish using F6, which only publishes in personal environment (and enables debugger), so no new versions are saved to the environment.



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Hi Wieger,

I don't think this related to the allocated disk space of the environment.

There are a couple of posts that show the same issue Joao is experiencing.



One of them in which a member of OutSystems staff also suggests to contact support.



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Hi Nordin,

thanks for your response! You are right. The log backup error is different from the problem I described.

The redirect error could also come from allocated disk space, though that seems less likely now.  I replied as I recognized part of the problem and might indicate a possible solution.

I agree that support is necessary here. 



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Hi Guys,

Great news, OS Support already replied and solved the issue!

My Personal Environment is up and running again.

Meanwhile, I accessed Lifetime -> Environments and Database Usage is just around 38% [34% (System Data) + 3% (Application Data)] as shown below:

Considering this fact, I assume there was another reason for the issue not related to the 2 GB of allocated space assigned to Personal Environments.

Thanks for all the help and fast replies from both you guys and OS Support.

Best regards,