[InputMask React] Problem with copy + paste in masked input

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Published on 13 Jul by João Barata
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Published on 13 Jul by João Barata


I'm using the MaskCurrency for decimal masks and I have encountered an issue when trying to paste values in the masked field. It seems the pasted values are not correctly recognized, they are masked correctly, but when I look in the variable behind the input it remains empty (or previous value). This causes some errors when trying to reset / filter based on this variables.

I also tried (but unsuccessfully) to remove onpaste event in the input field, but again, it seems some javascript from the mask overrides the possibility to remove this event from the input.

Please let me know if there is something I can do to tackle this issue.



I am also experiencing this issue - did you ever find a solution Bogdan?

Hi guys, are you still experiencing this in the latest version of the inputMask?

I had done some improvements to the copy/paste experience.

Let me know what are the input masks settings used on the component and what value are you trying to paste.


Updating to the most recent version did solve this - thanks João!