Can't login to my environment

Hello, today I tried to login in my environment but it shows an error "Invalid username/password", but I can login in the site with the same email and password. I already changed my password but it shows te same error when I try to login in my environment.

Pedro Pereira

Hello Pedro. 

First, if you change your pass on the OutSystems site/community, it does not change in the environment. They are separate things. Your community user pass is used to init the environment user pass, but after that, they can be different if you change one of them. 

Second, is it a problem of username/pass or the environment went down? You should be able to see this when you log in the OutSystems site, as your home page will show you the state of your personal environment. 


Hi Pedro,

First, can you check if you can access LifeTime or Service Center of your personal environment?

Second, if you get a 'transaction log' error when trying to access one of your modules, you are one of many who has had this problem lately.

Check out this post and if you have the same issue, make sure to contact OutSystems support and they'll fix it in no time.



Hello, thanks for the help, I also contacted OutSystems support and now is all fixed.

Thank you!