Free sample Questions / Practice Test for Associate Web Developer Exam (Simulado)

Dear Community Members :-)

I'm happy to announce a free Sample Practice Test (30 questions sample) for those that are now studying/getting prepared for the official OutSystems Associate Web Developer exam.

This is a small contribution when compared with what OutSystems is doing with the Free Certification campaign, but we believe this can be helpful for you folks.

The questions are based on the official certification documentation recommended by OutSystems, and it's a sample from a larger version that we have on my Masterclass, although this is an independent and not official initiative (non-official / no relation with OutSystems at all / not supported).

To request your Sample Practice Test, follow the links below (pre-registration...since we are still working on it - We expect to finish by Friday morning so that you can all have the sample for the weekend):

I hope you enjoy and that this Sample can help you all folks!

Stay safe :-)

Nice job done Rafael Pereira :)



Its really helpful

Those who are planning to take the certification for those it is really very help full. Good job Rafael.

Great job Rafael 

this is great, thanks really helps to specially to new member those want to be a certified

A good idea Rafael. It can be a good help point for the youngest.

Pramod Jain wrote:

Nice job done Rafael Pereira :)



Thank you JEDI Pramod :-)

Nuno Miguel Verdasca wrote:

A good idea Rafael. It can be a good help point for the youngest.

Thank you Nuno :-)

Good idea.
Will this also come for the Associate Mobile?

Very helpful , Rafael Pereira 

Regards ,


Thank you Rafael ! It is very helpful !


this is great, thanks

Thank you Rafa! ;)

Thank you Rafa!

Good job. It will really help candidates. 

good job rafa


is it a real exam model? Thanks!

Josep Chaqués Ojeda wrote:

is it a real exam model? Thanks!

Hi Josep,

This is basically a mock test which Rafael has designed to get yourself ready for the certification exam. I am sure he considered the pattern of the exam and tried to keep things near to reality.



Hi Rafael,

Please may I know whether you provide the Sample test for Professional Web Developer? Thanks!!

Thank you Rafa.. good one..

Is there anything for Reactive web?

Thank you for your great efforts, can you please do same for Professional web developer. :) 

Great job indeed!

Nice job..... 

Miguel Verdasca wrote:

Is there anything for Reactive web?

Hi Miguel,

If you go the Certification page in the Learn section and download the Exam details of the Associate Reactive Web Developer certification, you’ll get a zip-file containing a Sample Exam with 20 questions.



Nice work Rafa.

Thanks Rafa..