COVID-19 Community Response Update - March 31

Hello Community,

Time for the latest update on the COVID-19 Community Response Program. Before we get to today’s project, I’m excited to announce that we just launched the page that shows all the projects in motion and the teams who are working on them. Take a look at all the solutions here.

Project #11

Smart My Company is developing a virus outbreak tracking app for South Africa that enables governments and citizens to track and monitor the movement of infected individuals to avoid further infections. They intend to promote this to other African nations as well. We decided to support this idea, given the big impact that it can have in countries that lack the digital means to manage this epidemic, and South Africa is in a good position to lead such initiative.

The app will not collect any personally identifiable information on any citizen but will track citizen movements and health conditions, show a heat map of the affected areas, issue alerts on breaking news or when entering a risk zone, and show closest test stations, among other features. 

As a reminder, here are the project selection criteria:

  • Potential impact as measured by total population helped
  • Technical feasibility of using the OutSystems platform
  • Project team commitment to build and run the project
  • Availability of relevant subject matter experts in the team 

Plus a reminder for all the parents out there (or for anyone really) to download the Neo fighting COVID-19 coloring book here. We’ve even had it translated into a number of different languages.

Have a good and safe day!

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