[Google Login Plugin] Infinite loop after clicking "allow"

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Published on 29 May (7 days ago) by Experts
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Published on 29 May (7 days ago) by Experts


We are not able to go forward after clicking on login button and click allow to get into the apps (in attachment).

After clicking on "Allow", the popup is being called infinitelly and we can't login.

We are using GoogleLoginPlugin and inside the GoogleLogin action we have a JS called "Login" and we can't get out of this JS block.

This problem is happening on Android devices.

We already tested it using different MABS versions (5.2, 6.1) but the problem is not fixed yet.

Can you please help us with this problem?

Best regards
José do Ó

HI José,

Can you please check if the scopes provided as input parameter to the plugin's GoogleLogin action match the ones defined in the OAuth consent screen configuration made for your Google project at console.developers.google.com?