Image using External URL not loaded in mobile application


I have a problem where I need to display list of catalog data with their images fetch from API on my mobile apps.

The image link is already on HTTPS, I can view it in PC browser and mobile browser, the image loaded when the apps running on web emulator but not loaded in generated apps.

I found similiar thread that has problem like mine but it doesn't have any solution.

Can anyone advice me how to fix this?

Hi Kevin,

Please check the Service Center error log for errors that could relate to your problem.

Another way to get better help is if you can share your app or a stripped-down version that just replicates the error.



Hi Kevin,

I just tried to implement the same in one my Mobile application and it's working as required. I tested the implementation in Browser and in the Native android device.

Check this: ExternalImageDemo

Image URL:

Adding to what Sir Daniel suggested, could you please check the image size and the actual dimension of the referred external Image.

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam


Hello guys,

Firstly thank you for the answer.

I manage to find the root cause of my problem, it was caused by missing certificate in my client image URL. After they updated it now the image showing correctly in the generated Apps in device.

Thank you!